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Huge Compensation Payouts Awarded To Harassment Victims | Supportah TV

Supportah TV – Australian courts are awarding increasingly higher amounts of compensation to victims of sexual harassment.

Queensland Government Cracks Down On “Fake Unions” | Supportah TV

Supportah TV – The Queensland government has introduced new laws to regulate unregistered employee associations – sometimes referred to as “fake unions” – to better protect the interests of paying members.

Banned From Club For Having Cultural Tattoos | Supportah TV

Supportah TV – Brisbane woman Moale James was refused entry to the Hey Chicka! Nightclub in Brisbane for having cultural tattoos on her face.

Service Station Attendant Goes Viral | Supportah TV

Supportah TV – A service station attendant has gone viral after posting a tearful video describing the appalling sexual harassment she experienced during just one shift.

Minimum Wage Increase What You Need To Know | Supportah TV

Supportah TV – The national minimum wage in Australia increases today to $21.38 an hour or $812.60 a week. Find out what you need to know to ensure that you are paid your proper wages and entitlements.

Jetstar’s Appalling Disability Discrimination | Supportah TV

Supportah TV – Disability advocates are calling for Australian budget airline Jetstar to do better when dealing with customers who live with an impairment or disability.

The Shocking Story Behind Rebel Wilson’s Coming Out | Supportah TV

Supportah TV – The shocking true story of actor Rebel Wilson’s coming out.

Should You Sign A Non-Disclosure Agreement? | Supportah TV

Supportah TV – Non-disclosure agreements or confidentiality agreements are standard practice in sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination settlements, however, many experts are now calling for them to be banned.

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