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University Of Adelaide Lecturer ‘in Shock’ After Sexual Harassment

University of Adelaide lecturer ‘in shock’ after sexual harassment

A University of Adelaide lecturer said she was in shock for days after allegedly being sexual harassed by a professor.

The woman has filed a claim in the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal seeking $970,000 compensation.

University of Adelaide lecturer in shock 

Mathematical Sciences senior lecturer Giang Thu Nguyen made the sexual harassment complaint against her colleague, Professor Joshua Ross.

Dr Nguyen told the tribunal she and Professor Ross had sex in a hotel room during a conference in 2019.

However, she claims she was too drunk to give consent after a night of excessive alcohol consumption.

In response, Professor Ross, who is responsible for South Australia’s COVID-19 modelling, denied the sexual harassment allegation.

Instead he claims Dr Nguyen had been conscious and a “willing participant”.

Dr Nguyen told the tribunal she only had “flashes” of the sexual encounter.

She described feeling “shock and denial” in the days afterwards because she admired and respected Professor Ross.


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