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Queensland Sole Trader Accused Of Ripping Off Cleaners & Housekeepers

Queensland sole trader accused of ripping off cleaners & housekeepers

A Queensland sole trader has been accused of ripping off three cleaners and housekeepers.

The Fair Work Ombudsman also alleges the employer ignored two Compliance Notices, requiring him to back-pay the workers.

Queensland sole trader accused of ripping off workers

Facing the Federal Circuit and Family Court is Troy Sawdy, who operates the Sawdy Pastoral Company.

The business provides cleaning and housekeeping services to various properties in central Queensland.

Fair Work started an investigation as a result of receiving wage theft complaints from the three workers – employed on working visas.

An inspector later formed a belief that Sawdy had failed to pay lawful minimum wage and overtime rates between July and December 2020.

The regulator also accused Sawdy of failing to pay the workers their untaken annual leave entitlements at the end of their employment.

The inspector issued Sawdy with Compliance Notices in March and again in June – requiring him to calculate the underpayments and back-pay any outstanding amounts.

He allegedly failed to comply with the Notices, however.


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