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Morrison’s Idea For Kids To Drive Forklifts Laughed Out Of National Cabinet

Morrison’s idea for kids to drive forklifts laughed out of National Cabinet

Scott Morrison’s proposal to allow children to drive forklifts has been laughed out of National Cabinet today.

True to form, Morrison leaked his latest idea to the media prior to today’s meeting of state and territory leaders.

The Prime Minister is desperate to ease pressure on supply chains as factories struggle to find staff not isolating with COVID-19.

The mess comes as a result of Morrison’s and NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet’s decision to “open up” the economy.

Neither planned for the surge and the subsequent pressure on the economy, in addition to failing to ensure adequate supplies of things such as Rapid Antigen Tests.

The Queensland, Victorian and New South Wales governments confirm they have no plans to lower the current age of 18 for forklift drivers.


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