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JobKeeper Payments To Priests, Imams And Rabbis Unconstitutional

JobKeeper payments to priests, imams and rabbis unconstitutional

JobKeeper payments to priests, imams and rabbis are unconstitutional, according to experts.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg amended the wage subsidy scheme in late April to include religious practitioners.

JobKeeper payments to priests unconstitutional

Luke Beck is a constitutional law expert at Monash University.

He says JobKeeper is funding churches and other religious institutions to carry out religious activities, which is unconstitutional.

“The Treasurer’s taxpayer-funded priests amendment is very different to funding for religious schools.

“It’s designed to directly fund religious activities.

“It’s not about who you’re funding, it’s about what you’re funding.

“If you’re funding religious activities, the High Court says you can’t do that.” 


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